Saturday, 12 May 2012

The Village

Oh boy what could I possibly say about the village. We stayed in mud huts and the hospitality was amazing. Everyone in the village made us so much food and they have nothing. It was so touching to see the love they were willing to show us, The village was a small area where kids could go to school. There were 313 kids there, most under the age of 10. It was so amazing. When we came in, it was like a dream for many of it. Driving in the little kids swarmed the car and shook all of our hands when we got out. We loved them so much, we got to hold babies and play with the kids for two days. We worshipped with them, and I wrote a song there and taught it to them. They do not speak English really so it was difficult but it did not even seem to make a difference, we were connected at heart. So much fun rolling around. It was very very sandy so we were coated in dirt and the teams feet were black and the dirt did NOT come off. There was an outdoor bathroom, which is a hole in the ground and the team had alot of fun with thats, a lot of joking around. Myself and Hilary had so much fun in the dark laughing our heads off as I screamed at every movement and talking in wierd accents so overtired. hahah Anyways more pictures to come hopefully but we were introduced to Manwele and his wife Mary. Walking with Manwele was honestly like walking with Jesus. I am not lying. He would hold my hand and tell me all he knew and he genuinely loved us and was an incredible man of God. I want to say more but I can't ask me later bye!
So much anxiety but God has provided laughter everyday to scare it away!
miss you guys!

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