Saturday, 12 May 2012

Back to Mongu

I forgot to mention that while we were in the village we taught some kids in the classroom some things and did some games with them from Canada. The singing the kids did for us was amazing. It was so weird to see the little girls walk around with babies on their backs. haha.

Anyways we are back in Mongu, yesterday we played volleyball with a few men from Scripture Union, it was so much fun and today it is our volley ball tournament. Tomorrow we are running sunday school at one of the church, Ashley and I are leading some worship songs and we are sharing testimony and teachings, as well as during the main service and the youth service following. We are doing a lot of stuff and our days are so filled. I am writing about 15 pages a day in my journal just explaining what we do and my thoughts and such.

I got up for a run this morning and it was so beautiful, the flood plains are right there and the sun barely up, and beauty all around. People are smiling greeting me, children laughing, following me wanting to touch my white skin. lol We got some ladies to come and do laundry, (we paid them dont worry) and we have tried to get some rest in.

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