Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Awaiting the Adventure!

Hey! So it has been a long process preparing for the trip, there are ten people on my team: Ben, Jillian, Kate, Ashley, Zach, Leah, Jeremy, Cory and Hilary. We are all completely different people but it is amazing how God puts us together to work so well! Over the past few months we have been meeting every week, sharing testimonies, praying and discussing our journey to come. A few prayer requests to start out would be that:
- Finances would be provided, and that we would trust in the Lord for his provision
- Physical health for team members, prior to the trip and during
- Emotional readiness,  we will not be able to brace ourselves for the things that we are to experience, so strength in the area of being able to hold up emotionally is a biggie!
- Rest
- The strength to choose the Holy Spirit's power, rather than the spirit of fear

So that is just a quick one for right now. Thanks for reading, this trip is going to be sweet! Our focus is educating Zambian citizens on HIV/AIDS as well as working with the kids in orphanages. We are so eager to show them God's heart and love on these people. Please pray for humbling within the group while we are there and the ability to stand the stretching of our faith through tests and lessons that God will be teaching us.

Peace!!!! :)