Saturday, 12 May 2012


We arrived in Mongu after 10 hours in the car seeing monkeys, antelope and others. We are hoping to see an elephant on the way back! It was funny we stopped at a road stop and there were some kids selling bananas and had to keep scaring the monkeys away because the annoying little things kept trying to steal bananas off their tables. It was so cute though.
I really struggled last night, I do not even like camping and I wanted was to go home and see my family and someone else. hahahah hi Mat :)
However God is faithful and he will pull me through.
Today we got to access the internet and bough chetangis, which are african skirts and that will be our wear when we are out in public.
Tomorrow we go to the village to be with the kids and stay in mud huts, right now we are staying at a house.
BYE :)

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