Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Back to the Village and Kamule School

Today we went back to the Village in the morning and handed out some dolls that Ben’s church had knitted. The kids were very greatful, we found the familiar faces that we had connected with over the few days we stayed there last week. Also at the village, I found Joy (mgamba) and Esther and their mother Mondae and had an amazing time. Laughing and playing with my daughter here Esther, who is actually 3 not 7 hahaha, and baby joy clung to me laughing and laughing. Their mother Mondae is beautiful and a wonderful mother, she is 19, so my age so we were able to talk with one another. My goal is to make it back here someday because I cant be so far from this family. They are so amazing and tears filled my eyes as Esther followed me smiling and laughing as I kept trying to explain I was leaving. She gave me a big wave and a laugh, even though she does not do either ever, it was amazing. I get to see them on Sunday for the last time until I don't know when. Gahhhhhhhhh.
This afternoon we went to another highschool, Kambule, we did a bible teaching, some testimony and listened to a few testimonies of the kids. We asked them to sing us a worship song, and a boy got up and sang so beautifully, when they all sang together, with all the harmonizing, we were surprised there were no instruments are involved. I was able to show Jared (a boy there) how to play guitar and talk with a lot of the teen girls about dating hahahaah. I am pretty sure they only know me as Sarah, 19, has a boyfriend and wants to marry in a couple years. ahhahaha They are such teenagers. They told me their dreams and ambitions, Priscilla told me she wanted to be a doctor and loves to play sports, sing and model. Claudia does modelling and singing. I just love them all so much.
Afterwards there were a lot of sports, volleyball and basketball and just talking to the kids/young adults and got to know them. They are all eager and loving and welcoming here.
Right now the team is just having fellowship, playing guitar and singing together. I always love this time of night, singing together and just being a family. We had a good dinner tonight and yeah.. Anyways I am being beckoned for our debrief tonight. So talk to you later!!

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