Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Mongu House

Sorry that I haven’t been updating as much. Yesterday was our day off, and myself and three of the other girls got our hair braided. It took 9 hours, and these ladies work so fast. Every single strand of our heads are braided. There is so much hair on my head I don’t even know what to do. They had to put extensions to make my hair thicker. Anyways there were lots of  laughs with the girls who were our age and a little older. There was one baby named joy that I had clung to my hip for the majority of the day. So cute, she just murmured and laughed so hard when I swung her around. She sat contently in my lap for a couple hours while she played with a comb and cooed when I stroked her cheeks. I loved it. My best friend that I have met, Karen, was the one who did my hair and we laughed and laughed together. We danced together all of  us ladies in the shelter and it was a great day. When we were done we all crammed into the SUV, all 11 of us in a 7 man car (this is not illegal here, seatbelts do not exist in most vehicles either) and we just laughed and the speed bumps here could take your head off after continually slamming them in the car.
Today it was our first day teaching in the schools with Scripture Union. We were in the classroom of grades 10,11 and 12. We were supposed to be teaching about HIV/AIDS but while we are here we are working with peer educators and we are not in that section of their program. However we did preach, worship and dance and sing with the class, and took them out to play games. We got to know one another and it is clear how God worked through this day. Amen
A prayer request would be for Ben, he is very sick and needs healing. He has been an amazing help to all of us, an amazing man of God and needs restoration of strength. Thanks.  :)

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