Saturday, 19 May 2012

Last Few Days in Mongu and Sports Day with Kambule

Wow our time in Mongu has flown by, yesterday we did yard work and cleaned up around outside, and then went to a bonfire with kids from Kids Alive orphanage. It was a good night, lots of laughing and singing. We did a skit, and shared testimonies and songs and they taught us songs as well.

 Today I went to an orphanage with two other girls to visit some kids and then we had a sports day with the high school and when I say sports I mean volleyball and basketball. Volleyball is a huge thing here and I am very thankful because volleyball is my favourite, apart from soccer which they call football here hahaha. Last night we didn’t get back from the bonfire until 10ish and ate dinner at 10:30-11. We are all tired and I am pretty sure my nose is permanently sunburnt lol. No matter how much sunscreen I put on it, it still has pink spots all over it. Ahhh hahaha anyways tomorrow we are taking an overnight bus for 8 hours to Lusaka and then another bus for 5 hours to Choma which will be our home for the next week.  See ya!!!

PS. Omgoodness I FOUND CANDY. I have been writing in my journal and eating candy for the past 30 min so maybe I should stop ahhaahaha. Zambia has amazing bread and sugar  (sugar cane oh ya) and peanut butter but Canada has the best junk food I have to admit.
2ND Ps. So all is well, I have been kept healthy however Ben our team leader has been sick for a few days now and has missed a lot of the trip L so prayers would be appreciated.  And hahha my skin is so itchy from the sun and the sand ahhaa, it will be so wierd to have clean feet. I wash them about 3-4 times a day but the dirt does not stay away! Ahhah kk peace!

Oh and currently it is Sunday morning, it is a little chilly this morning and the sun is out and the breeze is nice too. I can't believe we are already leaving Mongu today and headed to Choma, ahhhh I don't want to leave our house here it has become home. I am sure we will have a blast in Choma. Hopefully I will be able to stay for the whole service today and not be the fainting disaster I was last week hahha.

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