Saturday, 12 May 2012

Leaving Canada, first stop, ENGLAND

So as some of you know, we couldn't take a direct flight to where we are staying in Zambia. Just as an update because a lot of things were not clear until we arrived. So we flew overnight to England and the flight was about 6.5 hours, and stayed there for the day, and flew out to Lusaka on an 9.5 hour flight over night. Here we stayed at the SIM base, and then we drove on Tuesday to Mongu which we are currently. We stay here for 10 days and then we do a 10 hour drive back through Lusaka plus 5 hours to get to Choma for 6 days, and then we go to Livingston for about 3 days and eventually back to Lusaka for a night before we fly back out the next day.
So I think it is safe to say that we are all over the place! The experience so far has been very tiring, a lot of culture shock and change, and we have had a lot of jet-lagged people haha. A couple have gotten sick so if Kate and Leah could be prayed for that would be great. What is awesome though is that I was insanely sick with a virus before I left and I haven't gotten sick once, I felt uneasy for about 30 min at one point but yes God has protected me completely and I am completely healed. Praise the Lord!

This is the post for our time in England:

So today was our day in London, England before we flew out to Lusaka. We went to Trafalger Square, National Art Gallery, Buckingham Palace and walked through some parks where I witnessed a stork as well as the weirdest looking birds and ducks I have ever seen in my life (My dad would have liked that). We also witnessed a squirrel fighting with a stick, it was quite hilar. ahah  People are tired but it was a great day, good experience and the plane ride was smooth.

Talk at ya soon!!!
Love you all! :)

Ps I am going to try to put pictures up however the internet is slow and may not work. But when we come back from our trip I have many to share with you all!

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