Saturday, 26 May 2012

Last Days In Choma

Hey guys so it will be really hard for me to describe these past few days, they have been really really full! Yesterday we worked with Scripture Union in Choma Day school and Choma Secondary school, both are highschools, and both went really well.
Choma Day School was very interesting, the group was there mainly to sit in on discussion that Scripture Union started so we got an idea of what we needed to do. The topic there  was called understanding love, and the students were given a free environment to discuss and ask questions about anything and I do mean anything. It went very well, the students were open and able to talk, we also had a girl named Seepo talk to them about how God views love, and what real love is. One thing we noticed about these two schools was their sincere desire to live righteously, it was just that before Scripture Union there was nowhere for them to go to ask queestions or learn about these topics because they kept it very hidden. Since AIDS became more of a problem here, the need to talk and educate has grown and it is such an honour to take part in doing so these past few days.
With Choma Secondary, it was Tyndale's turn to run the show. There were approximately 80 students that showed up so we split them up into 3 groups. The grade 8's  and 9's in one group, 10 and 11's in another and the grade 12's in another. Then it was basically our turn to talk, share testimony and get some discussion going about certain issues like self-esteem/self-worth, communication, integrity, sexual sin and relationships. Overall the feedback was that it was a successful day, and a lot of the student expressed their thanks for us being there.
I shared my testimony about struggling with sexual sin and self-worth and how broken relationships in the past took a toll on my relationship with God, this allowed the youth to open up and share some of their lives with us and ask questions. At the end a girl came up to me and thanked me for sharing because it helped her a lot, and that she learned a lot from us all being there and that is a Praise God moment for me lol
God is so good, it is so clear how he reaches others here and how others reach us. The people here have taught us all so much about life and its amazing how a missions trip changes you just as much as the people you are going to serve.
Then we went to the new church building and did some work all morning outside. There was a snake seen but just a little black one. The ladies did some gardening, and shoveling and the boys made cement, picked up rocks and dug a foundation. Afterwards, the peer educators came over for some volleyball and that has been the update up until this very moment :) Thank you all for your prayers, it is clear how God is working through this amazing trip.

I have been struggliing with major heat rash and sun burn beccause of the meds, my nose is florescent pink its kiind of unattractive, and painful and itchy so prayerswould be appreciated because I would like to sleep tonight. Sorry about the typos, this keyboard isnt working. Anyways yeah.

Finally today we did a childrens program this morning played some games and went over to the Pastor's house for lunch which was amazing! Today was our last day of planned ministry so this will be the last blog written until we get home, our next 3 days will be in Livingstone doing some things like a safari, and seeing Victoria Falls etc. Thank you so much for all of you who have been keeping up with this blog!

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