Tuesday, 22 May 2012

First Days in Choma

Ahh so what to say, I feel like so much has happened in the past couple of days. I travelled to Lusaka for a night and then Choma the next day with Lucky and Dorothy (our hosts and family members now :P) and it was so much fun, Leah and Ben went with us too. I didn't have to go on the overnight bus but we will all have to take the bus on our way back.
Choma is beautiful, colder than Mongu and more developed. Dorothy and Lucky's house, which we will be staying with is wonderful with hot showers and that will be the first shower I have had yet, other than the random sponge bath I did once last week. I feel like we are spoiled here at this house because we have hot water and a team member, Jeremy, who can cook amazingly well for us all. After drinking the water from the tap in Mongu I have been completely fine and Choma we are advised not too but we will see how it goes hahahaa. God is completely faithful in keeping me healthy.
We met the Scripture Union peer educators we will be working with for the rest of the week here apart from Saturday when we work with younger kids. We will be in schools getting the class involved in discussions such as sex and love, communications, and life decisions and really just walking alongside each other in our struggles
What I wanted to be careful of was not coming here and thinking I was the one coming to help people and I was the one treating people here lower than myself, but that we would serve one another as equals, and be brothers and sisters across the world. These people here are teaching me and changing me more than I could ever help them and it is amazing how much more they have got right about life compared to our culture. They are starving physical but spiritually and emotionally are filled with joy and pure trust and dependance on the Lord. I will never forget the joy on the kids faces when they saw us every time we pulled into the village or saw us on the streets. One day we were walking down the street and sudden shrieks of joy came from the bushes, as kids screamed from the bushes "Makua Makua!" which means white person in Silozi, And we turn around and dozens and dozens of kids chase us down and just want to shake our hands and hold our hands and walk beside us. In the village I think I had 3 kids holding each finger on my hand. The other amazing thing that happened so far was meeting my very good friend Karen, she is 18 and so  so so amazing. She is so gently, and godly and loving, we promised to write and I can't wait to keep this friendship going. Her father is Manwele the wise man we met who was head of the Village there. The church experience at the village was amazing. 260 people crammed into  one little church and my little 3 year old Esther came and found me and sat on my lap  for the service. I pressed her cheek against mine hugging her goodbye after as it could be the last time I would see her and she smiled her smile for me and held onto my skirt standing beside me until  her mom took her away so I could go. Her mother is beautiful too, Mondae is her name and she is 19 with another 7month old named Joy, wwhich I have mentioned prior.
Anyways tomorrow we teach in the school with our new friends here whom we have already sung with, joked with and prayed with. Yay I love Zambia. Hopefully Dorothy is going to find a baby orphanage for us to go to!

Ps. Love and miss you all, thank you so much those who have been praying and reading this blog!! xox

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